Sunday, June 28

Mez: ELSEWHERE (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Theoretically, a PR company involved in a trial is supposed to be an extension of the advocacy of the defendant's lawyer, putting the accused's best foot forward. But that's just in theory. The application of Theory to Practice is another matter entirely. In her latest blog entry, Miss Represented examines how the PR campaign advocating for Amanda Knox has been coming along.

The way it strikes me, the PR strategy for this case was designed in expectation of Amanda's eventual exoneration, which would be used as a platform to launch some book and movie deals. Amanda's narrative chain with regard to the events leading up to "her discovery" of her murdered roommate seems suspiciously like a very fanciful movie script she's been trying to write.

# And from a different perspective: in Barbie Nadeau's latest piece, she focuses on Rudy Guede who "holds the key to what happened that night."

But if and when he finally reveals "the key," will we believe him? Should we believe him? I guess Rudy's secret is sort of a cliffhanger in this case.

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