Tuesday, June 30

Snatched! More
Bloggers Vanish (8#) -

Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for
an investigation into the death of Neda Agah-Soltani.

The crowd grabbed the gunman and took his identity
card. He was shouting, "I didn't want to kill her!"

# Over the weekend, demonstrations continued, but some electricity and phone lines were reportedly cut in parts of Tehran.

The Basij vigilantes have been conducting night raids and confiscating satellite dishes in order to cut off the Iranian public from the outside world.

# More Bloggers have been arrested:

:: Blogger Ali Mosleh of
The Mailman Rings Twice Blog;

:: and Blogger Vahid Online.

Fershteh reports that PersianKiwi has been
having problems connecting to the Internet.

Mohammad Mostafaei, Human Rights lawyer who
specializes in the defense of children has been arrested.

A list of many student names and others
who are believed to have been arrested.

# Night and Fog - The Guardian wants to
know: can you help to identify these people?

# The care and feeding
of flying elephants. Steal away...