Monday, June 8


Meredith Kercher Murder -

Well, the long-awaited Kercher Family
testimony arrived over the weekend . . .

Many of us had been hoping for a key piece of information that would clear up some of the mystery surrounding this killing, but no such luck. The disclosure was that Meredith hardly mentioned Amanda Knox. I was not very surprised by this, since Meredith had her own group of friends, her own separate schoolwork, and her own enthusiasms.

Nick Pisa mentioned in an earlier article that Knox's Seattle boyfriend DJ attended the court sessions this past week. I was amused to see photos of his arrival accompanied by a bodyguard, which seems to be the new status symbol among young people today, possibly adapted from the pervasive Celebrity Culture.

The bodyguard wore sunglasses and looked a bit like a skinhead. Are these fellows skinheads?

I would love to know a little more about DJ, who is a member of Amanda's inner circle of friends. Does he have a criminal record? What is his profession or field of endeavor? Perhaps he is listed on one of the social network websites, but I'm not a member of any of those.

That is not to say there have been no new
revelations - there has been one, but it's very ugly.

Someone put together a lovely video montage of Meredith. It includes some poetic images of her which have been artistically manipulated for a moody effect. When the KOMO TV station in Seattle posted a story about it on their website, some of the comments on their comment thread were uncouth and what I felt as racist.

A few years ago In the Northeast, we had a case of anti-Indian racism in which a gang of youths called themselves "Dot-Busters," I believe. But I had no idea that there exists such virulent underlying racism against East Indians in the Seattle area. I found it quite disturbing.

Just sharing some recent thoughts and reactions.