Monday, July 20

Mez: Loose Ends - (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

in search of closure and lost dispatches . . .

At the end of Barbie Nadeau's latest report on the case at TDB, she warns that closure may never come for those expecting illumination in a neat little package - like on a one-hour Crime TV show.

Indeed, the key difference between fictional mystery novels and real life crime is that Miss Marple is not going to bring us all together in the library and explain everything to us. Just a little reminder :-)

But, I believe, some writer may attempt to provide a fictional solution to this mystery by writing a novel inspired by it. Or, after a long period of time, someone may eventually confess to something. Meanwhile, this Locked Room Mystery may remain locked for quite a while more.

This morning on the NBC TV Today Show, there was a brief segment on the case by, I believe, Keith Miller. Unfortunately, they seem to have pissed it away; I cannot find a link to it anywhere on their website. It was a bit startling for its high journalistic quality. I wonder why NBC has expunged it. I guess its disappearance is just another mystery in this case.

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