Sunday, July 19

Mez: It's a Wrap! - (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Amanda Knox said ciao for the summer break
as the case goes on a welcome hiatus until September.

On Friday, a relative of Amanda's testified, but I don't think any major revelations emerged from her testimony. On Saturday, an expert testified that marijuana does not make people aggressive.

Alas, although I have tried to follow the court proceedings, I do not think I have gained any insights into the crime scenario of how events might have unfolded to culminate into this apparently frenzied homicide.

As to the motive of the crime . . .

I don't buy the "drug-fueled sex game."

I think that was chosen mostly for pragmatic
purposes merely as a workable hypothesis.

Before the proceedings, I suspected that racism played a part in the motive or was the principal factor in the motive. After following the proceedings thus far, I have come to believe this was essentially correct. The motive for this homicide, in my view, was Racial or Ethnic Cleansing.

Amanda Knox - guilty or not guilty?

At this point in time, I am inclined
to believe that she was somehow involved.

Keep in mind that we haven't even heard the summations yet; we may come to see things differently after the summations.

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