Thursday, July 16

Mez: The Phantom Intruder (3#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Barbie Nadeau updates us
on the vortex spinning around this case in Italy.

Among other things, the Amanda Knox Siblings created a commotion in the courtroom, the witness list has shrunk, and a couple of the Sollecito lawyers have gotten professionally divorced. It's a well-written and informative article.

Meanwhile, I've been ruminating on Finn MacCool's reconstruction and the related series of events; a few things stick out in my mind like sore thumbs.

With regard to Knox's first phone call to her mother, she said she was calling because she thought someone had been in the cottage. Knox seems to have used the past tense as if the supposed intruder were gone, even though the door to Meredith's room was closed, behind which an intruder could be hiding. Then, she said, she and Sollecito tried to break down that door. No sane person would try to break down a door behind which a violent criminal might be hiding. The more closely Knox's story is examined, the more it seems to fall apart.

Speaking of intruders . . .

In the case of Colin Ferguson, a/k/a the Long Island Train Shooter, Ferguson argued in his defense that while he was (admittedly) riding on the train, an intruder grabbed his gun, and it was the intruder who killed the passengers. His mental competency was an issue.

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