Wednesday, August 26

Bookish: Touring (5#) -

Pack up and go somewhere
without leaving the comforts of home . . .

Armchair Travel: Liesl Schillinger tells us which books people in some other countries have been reading this summer. Russia, Germany, France, Japan, and more. A long distance peek over their shoulders.

# Red Notice: Looks like some people
may have to put their travel plans on ice:

"a red notice chills travel - limits travel - and places the government in power at risk of explaining why a person for whom a red notice is issued is able to move freely."

:: Christopher Hitchins on
Ahmad Vahidi, Saeed Mortzavi and their buddies.

# Top 10 book picks about the Berlin Wall.

# Writer Dominick Dunne has died. [obit]

# This book of short stories
has gotten some good word-of-mouth:
The Madman of Freedom Square by Hassan Blasim.