Thursday, August 27

The Green Pimpernel League (11#) -

Iran's Green Velvet Plot -

The most recent session of the court is now referred to as the fourth session because of the span across differing time zones. This session seemed to focus on the members and associates of the previous Khatami administration and seemed to target the opposition movement embodied in the Mosharekat (Participation) Party. They are sometimes referring to this session as the "Trial of the Masterminds." And they ain't kidding! [rooz]

They seek him here, they seek him there . . .

Who is Gary Sick? Yes, another day, another obscure American professor masquerading as a mild-mannered academic, but moonlighting as a scheming, swash-buckling puppet master.

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Notice how the regime seems to be targeting George Soros. He was born in Hungary and is a Nazi Holocaust Survivor. This regime denies that the Nazi Holocaust ever happened. George Soros is a living refutation of their Big Lie. And they can't tolerate that.

There is some chatter around the Net that these show trials represent a covert coup d'etat by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, turning Iran into a de facto military dictatorship fronted by the trappings of pseudo-religiosity.

# "The government in Tehran seems
to have dropped even the pretense of
providing defendants with due process." [CPJ]

# Iran's Internet: "The eternally long download."

:: Abtahi supposedly updates his Blog.
And there are reactions to this development.

:: Maryam has translated the suspect entry.

# The "League of the Scarlet Pimpernel" was
a fictional secret society of 20 English aristocrats.