Friday, August 14

Iran: Hush Me Not (9#) -

The Feds are testing a new technology which would evade
the internet filtering protocols of closed regimes like Iran.

# Online journalist Kaveh Mozafari writes: "After a month in detention... I still do not know what I am officially charged with... I was not questioned about the charges but about my private life and my beliefs."

# Imo: Amir Asslani and Clotilde Reiss [rsf]

# Iranian authorities dragging their feet to free her.

# A letter from Clotilde.

I don't know if you bothered to click through and read the indictment translated by Evan Siegel which I linked to in my previous entry, but it does read more like a movie script:

"these events were completely planned in advance and proceeded according to a timetable and the stages of a velvet coup in such a way that more than 100 of the 198 events were executed in accordance with the instructions of Gene Sharp for a velvet coup."

So, an otherwise obscure, elderly professor in Boston is supposedly the grand puppetmaster of all this unrest in Iran.

# Stanford U's Abbas Milani, also named in the indictment, denies being a leader of The Green Velvet Plot.