Saturday, August 15

The Puppet Theater Scenario (3#) -

More on Iran's Green Velvet Plot . . .

Dan Murphy examines whether Iran's hard-liners really believe in that vast conspiracy, The Green Velvet Plot. I'm concerned about Dr Sharp's safety. Does he need to get a carry permit? He seems to be a pacifist.

These crackpots don't seem to be able to draw a distinction between inspiration and control. People can be inspired or even influenced without being controlled by some figure.

If you took a random sample of a thousand people on the street, you'd probably find they have diverse inspirations - Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey, and many others. It is just so farfetched to believe that ten thousand random Iranians would all be following in concert the minutely-detailed directions of one elderly professor in Brooklyn or Boston. [csm]

# An Inside Scoop: Kelly Golnoush Niknejad
covers the Iran situation at the Tehran Bureau,
a modern-style virtual news organization.

# Among other things: Prez Ahmadinejad has fired
the head of the Islamic Republic News Agency
(IRNA) for being "too balanced." At the LAT.