Friday, August 28

Ripping Good Yarns of the M.E. (2#) -

2009 Ramadan TV Series: Mosalsalat -

It's Couch Potato Time all over the Middle East, somewhat like Sweeps Week in the US, in which they pull out all the stops and try to outdo one another in offering their best ripping good yarns. Here's a small sample:

-- Rival belly dancers are linked to a cabal of corrupt journalists headed by a nefarious newsman in El-Ashrar (The Villains);

-- A district attorney is pushed by his friend, a renowned doctor, to commit murder in the thriller Katel Bella Agr (Killer for Free);

--Hodo’ Nesby (Relative Calm) recounts the events leading to the fall of Baghdad through the eyes of Arab and foreign journalists who faced the horrors of war on one hand and fears of kidnapping and arrest by Saddam’s regime on the other. On Dubai’s ART Network.

:: For a lot more by Sherif Awad at Egypt Today.

:: And some families this year
are even getting a second TV!