Wednesday, September 9

Catching The Frequency (7#) -

Does writer Donald Barthelme still have any fans out there? Sometimes when a writer dies, his work goes into eclipse for a while.

SpliceToday, an online magazine, has an interesting interview with Tracy Daugherty, one of Barthelme's former students, who has written a biography of the late writer called Hiding Man. Perhaps the publication of Daugherty's book will initiate a revival of interest in Barthelme.

# An interview with Christopher Miller,
author of The Cardboard Universe. He's a fan of PK Dick.

# David Milofsky has written an article about the future of "LitBlogs" which is wrongheaded in every way. I think he has much too much time on his hands. Blogs that have content related to books, writing, communication or literature are very diverse, and I hope that continues without his interference.

# The Book Beast has a new editor:
Lucas Wittmann. Maybe he's got great legs.

# It ain't me, babe: The NY Times identifies
its anonymous blogging critic, The NYTPicker,
but guesses wrong about who it really is.