Wednesday, September 23

Fading Paper (4#) -

There's a review of Harold Evans' book of memoirs at the London Times written by Thomas Harris. Evans was a newspaper editor during an earlier era and then became the Editor at Random House. He is currently married to Tina Brown, the Editor of The Daily Beast.

"vanished times" in northern England-- a sepia-tinted prose portrait of long-dead linotype operators and polymath comps, of bubbling hot metal and the aroma of fresh newsprint, of gnarled senior reporters who had "had a good war" and of taciturn men in shirtsleeves who were legends "on the stone"

:: Review :: My Paper Chase

# Is there a new form of Literacy?

"technology isn't killing our ability
to write. It's reviving it - and pushing
our literacy in bold new directions."

# The Fall 2009 Nieman
Report has been posted online.

# Celebrating the Freedom to Read:
Banned Books Week begins September 26th.