Tuesday, September 1

Iran Update (4#) -

The espionage indictment accuses Kian Tajbakhsh of:

"membership in a listserv that is run by Gary Sick of Columbia University. The indictment goes on to identify Sick as a CIA agent. Kian is also accused of being a consultant for the Soros Foundation in Iran. The indictment goes on to characterize the Soros Foundation as a satellite institution of CIA that is devoted to instigation of 'velvet revolutions' in Iran and around the world."

:: Niloofar Mina at Payvand ::

# From a safe perch: A conversation with Mohsen Kadivar about The Green Movement and Religious Despotism. Kadivar "is a dissident reformist cleric currently a visiting professor at the University of Virginia, who spent 18 months in prison because of his interpretation of Islam."

# Participle if you are human bent wheel.

# Emory University Law School in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted an Iran Forum over the weekend which discussed the disputed election, post-election unrest, and human rights abuses. Visiting scholars participated.