Wednesday, September 2

Iranians Switching Channels (3#) -

Can guns guarantee credibility? . . .

The FT's Najmeh Bozorgmehr in Tehran claims that viewership is down for Ramadan programming on state TV as fallout from their depiction of the opposition during and after the disputed election has left the public disenchanted and inclined to shun the broadcaster in order to demonstrate their displeasure. Interesting if true.

# Mohammad Ali Abtahi, described by some as Blogging at Gunpoint - but does it work? Does it have any credibility? Bruce Etling says:

"Yeah, right. Clearly, his captors haven’t gotten the memo that the show trials, forced confessions and now blogging at gunpoint just aren’t working like they used to."

Hey, they're not buying it out here! Access to Abtahi's Blog seems to be spotty these days, too, though no one knows why, and speculation on the Net abounds.

# Best of the Maybe True Confessions -

:: courtesy of :: Marc Herman and, of course,
Ebrahim Nabavi who started the whole phenomenon.