Monday, September 14

Mez: Nullification Refused (4#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Proceedings resumed in the case with Defense trying to nullify the trial on the pretext that the DNA evidence is invalid, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Defense strategy seems to be to lay all the blame for the murder on designated patsie: black man, Rudy Guede.

Before readers get lost in the morass, there
are two issues that need to be addressed here . . .

First: it is not so easy to abort a trial in Italy, because of the structure of their Justice System. In their system, there is an administrator who supervises and guides the case through the system. Part of his responsibility is to preclude opportunities for mistrial. When the Prosecutor's office drew up their preliminary indictment, they had to submit it to the administrator who edited it. He made some pragmatic decisions to solidify it and to close off potential openings which would pull it off course. The administrator of this case is another highly qualified judge.

Another issue here: is the effort by the Defense to produce a picture that there is no identifiable biological presence of the accused in the chamber of death, but, we believe, Amanda's table lamp was found in the chamber. Since it is her lamp, we can presume by common sense that it would have her fingerprints and/or DNA on it. Among other things, Defense is misdirecting attention away from the curious presence of Amanda's lamp in Meredith's bedroom, where it certainly didn't belong.

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