Tuesday, September 15

Qaeda Cult: A Movable Anger (5#) -

Just outta Cave Central . . .

I remember when Osama bin Laden told us he was angry at us because American soldiers were stationed in Saudi Arabia. So, the Pentagon pulled the soldiers out. Did Skippy bin Laden's anger cease? Nooooo. He just keeps moving the goal posts. And, sure, he can keep doing that.

Over the weekend he issued a new audio tape, telling us he's still angry at us and planning to do nasty things to us for yet another reason:

"The reason for our dispute with you is your support
for your ally Israel, occupying our land in Palestine."

Our land??? And it took him only 8 years to get to the crux of the matter? He is now telling us implicitly that the source of his anger is the Nazi Mufti of Jerusalem.

Although the 11-minute message was entitled "A statement to the American people," it didn't even come packaged with its own English-language translation - and that's pretty shabby of them, innit?

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