Sunday, October 11

Bookish & Around The Bend (6#) -

As we near Halloween,
the weirdness quotient seems to be rising . . .

An utterly bizarre - but real life - story about a black woman, Charisse Carney-Nunes, who writes children's books. The author was targeted by Michelle Malkin, a complete stranger, in a vitriolic mob Internet attack, for which Malkin has not apologized. I'm surprised the author didn't try to get a restraining order; I think I would have. Some of these people seem dangerous.

:: WashPost :: [via memeorandum]

# Introducing the Kindle Gutenberg BookReader
[spoof] written by G Xavier Robillard.

# Discussion of the TV show Fringe.
Ken Tucker was watching. I saw it, too.

# Rupert Murdoch has
lost his robot txt file. [slashdot]

# A Science Fiction book
review roundup by Peter Ingham.

# Peter Stothard in a Princeton NJ
discussion about the fate of book reviews.
Jessa Crispin of Bookslut participated.