Monday, October 12

Hopping The Pond (6#) -

Britain is facing a "winter of discontent"
with strikes looming at the Royal Mail and
at British Airways, which can impact SoFlo.

# The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is back with Eoin Colfer's sequel, And Another Thing. I expect it will be a delightful stocking-stuffer for some folks this Christmas. They showed the movie on TV here a few weekends ago.

# The London Evening Standard newspaper converts to Free today, but they haven't been able to resolve their distribution issues yet, which may leave some regular readers in the lurch. But we can still read it online :-)

# The Standard reports today that Dame Vera Lynn
has been presented with a lifetime achievement award:

"Her album We'll Meet Again:
The Very Best of Vera Lynn hit the
top spot in the UK album chart last month."

# And, speaking of the Standard, London's Mayor Boris Johnson has become embroiled in dustup over his attempt to appoint the former Editor of that newspaper, Veronica Wadley, to run the Arts Council there.

# Pygmy hedgehogs are
the latest pet craze in the UK.