Thursday, October 8

Crazed Trends:
The Nico-Bubble

You may experience strange dreams . . .
you may have hostile feelings or suicidal thoughts . . .

Well, as expected, it didn't take long for the pharmaceutical companies to begin offering their highly patented cigarette replacement goodies - and just in time for the heavy foot traffic of Christmas season in America's shopping malls when crazed assassins armed with automatic weapons would have the most impact.

Unexpectedly, much time in the TV commercials is devoted to cautions about taking these highly patented substances. But will these warnings prove effective?

At my local pharmacy, there are now THREE long shelves filled with these nostrums prominently displayed behind the cash register at only $49.95 each - the Bad Mood is included for free!

How long will it take for
someone's Bad Mood to turn deadly?

"The new addiction is taxing addictions."

:: By William Saletan ::