Thursday, October 8

Mez: Locked & Lurching -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

The Locked Room Mystery on Pergola St seems to have been designed like a genre of computer games, perhaps like the famous Castle Wolfenstein games. That's just my impression.

So far, I have tentatively settled on a motive of Racism and Ethnic Cleansing, but because of the configuration of this Locked Room Scenario, I believe there is also a psychopathic motive of outwitting the authorities.

Barbie Nadeau lays out a neat outline of the case. It may be useful to compare her analysis with your own. Anything new to you here? Anything you don't agree with?

New to me: Knox has been observed
winking at Sollecito. Winking. Really?

I look forward to Closing Arguments.

:: The Italian Job :: How the evidence stacks up.