Thursday, October 29


In a somewhat lengthy article, Omar, son of cult leader Osama bin Laden, describes how he grew up. He and his mother Najwa have written a book with the help of writer Jean Sasson, which will debut November 12th in the UK.

# John le Carre has left his longtime
publisher to join Penguin, Ellen Widdup reports.

# Hello, he must be going . . . Tom McGeveran has been editor of the NY Observer for only five months and is quitting already! I can't say I am very surprised.

Ever since Jared Kushner became the owner and publisher their website has been a disaster; I've found it very user-unfriendly.

And I get the impression it's been turned into little more than a throwaway shopper for pricey real estate with some incidental filler material between the curb appeals. I feel that it's really deteriorated and I've been very unhappy about it. I can only hope the next editor restores some quality to it.

McGeveran will be leaving by the end of the year.
Too bad he can't take the shitty website with him.

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