Friday, October 30

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What are we to make of Rudy Guede
and the story he tells? Is his story credible?

According to Rudy Guede, he became intimate with Meredith and then went to the bathroom. But, I have my doubts about this order of events. It seems to me that he became intimate with Meredith after he emerged from the bathroom and while she lay dying.

On the other hand, I do not see as yet any compelling evidence that Rudy Guede actively participated in this homicide. It seems possible at this point that Guede may have been overcharged in order to pressure him into making more disclosures. I don't think the other defendants would have needed the extra help of a third party to accomplish killing Meredith.

Andrea Vogt has a new article posted at the Seattle PI which discusses Guede's case. And I still have mixed feelings about Guede.

I remain uncertain about what part he may have played in this murder, although I do believe he was designated as a patsie for racist reasons. I feel there is a continuous filament of racism that runs as an undercurrent throughout this case from start to finish.

In Rudy Guede's story, he features himself as a kind of male version of the Avon Lady or a pizza delivery man who drops into a young woman's home and then sexually services her. That may be a male erotic fantasy or even a p*rno movie scenario, but it's not very believable in real life. I remain doubtful that Meredith would have opened her door to anyone after dark while she was alone in an isolated cottage, let alone casually slide into intimacies with a pizza delivery man.

So far, I find only some of Rudy Guede's story credible.

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