Tuesday, October 20

Mez: Flying A Loose Noose -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

An American lawyer has been making
frothy assertions about the case in the
British Internet magazine The First Post.

Normally, I understand, it is illegal for the Press in Britain to cover a trial in progress, but because this prosecution is being conducted in Italy, the British Press has been able to slip through the international loophole.

Laws governing the Press differ in the US, UK, and Italy; the Press has occasionally exploited the jurisdictional gray zone in which this case is taking place.

The expression of his beliefs, however wild or fantastical, is probably protected by the First Amendment or other laws governing FoE.

Among other things, John Q Kelly claims the Prosecution has no evidence, which is ultimately up to the Court to decide.

I expect we're going to see more cases taking place in this journalistic gray zone because of the increase in international travel.

:: Lynching Slam :: by Tim Edwards at TFP ::