Tuesday, October 20

Mez: Sonnenrad (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Charles Mudede has posted a commentary on the Slog pointing to the sun wheel tattoo on Amanda Knox's back pictured in the same First Post article by Tim Edwards I referred to in my previous entry earlier today. In the course of Mudede's informal riffing, he notes:

"But what is truly amazing about this tattoo is its absence from the stream of news reports that began to flow into the English-speaking world two years ago..."

That sun wheel tattoo is apt to be a very hot potato in Europe and especially in Germany. I don't think the MainStream Media wants to touch that with a barge pole, because it could be interpreted by some as an esoteric reference to the Wewelsburg Castle.

When Germany outlawed the swastika, some Nazis and neo-Nazis replaced it with a sun wheel, which was understood to be a reference to the Wewelsburg Castle, known as the "Vatican" of the Nazi SS. It is nicknamed The Black Sun for occult reasons.

Of course, the sun wheel tattoo on Knox's
back could be just a random coincidence.

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