Friday, November 20

Book Fair & more (5#) -

Florida Book Review's live blogging compilation page
of the Miami Book Fair 2009, including the panel on
Urban Noir, which was the main focus of my interest:

-- Almost halfway down the page at the Sunday, Nov. 15, 12: 28 PM timestamp, the Urban Noir material begins with Jamie May's account. Just below May's account in the same block, Lynne Barrett adds a brief note.

-- Keep scrolling down the page. About two-thirds down, Jamie May again at timestamp Sunday, Nov. 15, 10:50 AM about John Dufresne and Dan Chaon.

-- And there are some photos there, too.

-- Chauncey Mabe's blog entry dated
November 16th puts the cherry on top.

# Mike Stotter reports news of mystery meister Otto Penzler who is creating his own imprint under the banner of Corvus with Anthony Cheetham at Atlantic.

# The New York Sun may be
coming back as an online publication.

# Independent bookshops:
the Daunt and the Persephone
compared by Johanna Smith.