Thursday, November 19

SoFlo: Buzzing & Biting (3#) -

Cigar Buddies, The Dead Lady Lawyer &
Something Gonna Bite You in the Butt . . .

Sigmund Freud once said:
"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

True enough, but sometimes
it isn't; and some folks live for that stuff.

Sports columnist Dave Hyde shares his cigar quaffing room memoirs, which include an interlude with Scott Rothstein and the police chief whose former wife nearly shot off his family jewels after he betrayed her. She's in jail now.

The Scott Rothstein story is still
the Big Buzz hereabouts, apart from
the piranha found in a nearby pond . . .

Sun-Sentinel columnist Michael Mayo takes another look at the Melissa Britt Lewis Murder Case. Perhaps a police officer with some knowledge of forensics could have staged this homicide. But the authorities claim they have solid DNA evidence and hair samples from the crime scene. Now that Rothstein & Co have imploded, there may be more scrutiny on this case.

What kind of pet does a pirhana make?
Painful, I'd guess. Brian Haas gives us the skinny.