Monday, November 30

Mez: A Cleansing Lens (4#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Amanda Knox, if convicted, could walk free
after only ten or twelve years in an Italian prison!

And, even if appeals dragged on, she would
get credit for her time served during the process.

These are only two of the revelations about the Italian legal system which Andrea Vogt shares with readers in her Sunday backgrounder at the Seattle PI.

Then comes Giulia Bongiorno for the Defense, presenting the pair of accused college students, Knox and Sollecito, in the best possible light.

Unfortunately, Bongiorno's rhetorical depiction of the two contrasts drastically with the material they posted about themselves in cyberspace: Knox laughing maniacally while operating a machine gun and Sollecito dressed like a mad doctor while wielding a meat cleaver.

Knox, who think it's cute to use Gangsta slang, is accused of exterminating her Eurasian housemate by shoving a six-and-a-half inch bladed knife deep into Kercher's throat in concert with a pair of her male henchmen.

But, according to Biogiorno,
Knox is just a fragile hothouse flower.


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