Wednesday, November 18

Mez: Dark Contingency (5#) -

Meredith Kercher Case -

Rudy Guede has begun his appeal. Summations which will include the other two defendants, Knox and Sollecito, will begin Friday. This is the first time Guede has shared his story on the public record.

"there's a black man in the house" ::bbc::
[rather than: there's someone else here]

# Nick Pisa discloses more details
about the conversation Guede claims to
have had with Meredith about Amanda Knox.

# Ann Wise of ABC TV gives a coherent account.

# "When I close my eyes I still see red everywhere"

# Nick Squires for the UK Telegraph.

NB: Two reporters who have been working
on this case longterm have not filed stories yet:
Andrea Vogt and Barbie Nadeau.