Saturday, November 7

SoFlo: The Maybe Hustle (3#) -

Scott Rothstein & Alias "Regret" . . .

The colorful lawyer who dressed in Damon Runyonesque style and talked like he thought of himself as a comic book character has been in seclusion and out of the public eye since he returned to Florida. Meanwhile, the TD Bank has been ordered by the judge to produce its records by midday Monday, at which point there will be a status evaluation.

Rothstein spread his largesse around; he is said to have injected "millions into businesses, charities, political candidates and expensive toys."

On a more ominous note: He is reported to have bought a $400,000 home in Weston for Debra Villegas whose husband, Tony Villegas, is accused of killing attorney Melissa Lewis, a member of Rothstein's firm.

Rothstein hasn't been charged with anything specific yet.

Mr Regret, the rumored bagman,
has disappeared for the moment.

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