Monday, November 9

Bookish: Killing Our Stories? (9#) -

Ben Macintyre tells us
that the internet is killing storytelling.

A provocative and worthwhile
essay at the UK Times from Nov 5th.

"The internet... does not really 'do' narrative."

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# In an excerpt from his book of memoirs My Paper Chase, Harold Evans recounts how he and his newspaper unmasked the notorious spy Kim Philby.

The name Kim Philby may not be familiar to younger readers who may know him better by the name Harry Lime from a 1949 British movie called The Third Man which featured a charming psychopath by that name. The writer of that story was Graham Greene, who knew Kim Philby.

*The character "Harry Lime" in the 1949 film The Third Man has been said to be based on Kim Philby, although Graham Greene has denied this.*

*Graham Greene based the character of Harry Lime on British double agent Kim Philby, who was Greene's superior in the British Secret Intelligence Service.*

Anyway, many people believe it, even though Orson Welles doesn't physically resemble Philby at all. Actually, Philby looked more like Trevor Howard.

# And, speaking of notorious, how's this for a tabloidish scandal: Ron Rosenbaum exposes new revelations about Arendt and Heidegger.

I'm still waiting for the movie version of their relationship: va-voom! The writer shares my pet peeve about "the banality of evil."

# What's next for Detective Kurt Wallander and
his author, Henning Mankell? Zac O’Yeah tells us.

# Review of Blood's a Rover by Jame Ellroy
by Christopher Tayler at The Guardian.

# Review of Paul Auster's Invisible by Jane Ciabattari.