Thursday, November 12

SoFlo: Nothing Left
But The Sizzle (5#) -

Scott Rothstein Case -

The story that people here are buzzing about; but his law firm PA was shuttled into terminal Chapter 11 today.

The gossip currently circulating is about the Morocco connection. A new resort opened there called Mazagan, and speculation is rife that was Rothstein's recent destination. The resort is owned by Sol Kerzner whose company has a local branch office in Plantation FL.

John Gillies, the special agent in charge of our regional FBI office, has put out dedicated contact information for this case.

"I do not believe
that this was a one-man show,''

Gillies said at his news conference today.

Paul Brinkman mentions
that COO Debra Villegas is "no longer there."

And Blogger Chaz Stevens believes
he has tracked down the mysterious "Uncle Bill."