Friday, November 13

SoFlo: When You
Become Option Three (2#) -

Scott Rothstein Case -

A careful study of Special Agent Gillies' remarks at his press conference seems to suggest that there may have been some money laundering involved in this situation. That may not be what Gillies intended to imply; but that is what I have inferred, and it is, admittedly, mere conjecture on my part.

From the article cited in this entry we come to learn more of some of the Rothstein associates, including Debra Villegas, who admirably worked her way up from a paralegal position to COO - which seems like the top administrative executive of the firm or maybe a kind of super office manager.

How well does a law firm's office manager do? Partner Stuart Rosenfeldt said Villegas worked with Rothstein for 17 years.

Her salary eventually reached $145K and she was driving a new Maserati worth about $100,000. Not too shabby for an office manager. And then there was the half-a-million dollar home. Plus assorted "high-end" tschotkas. On the face of it, looks like she got a good deal and fell into clover.

"Federal prosecutors took action this week to seize the
home, alleging it was among Rothstein's ill-gotten assets."

Looking for a casino with a pot of gold moving through it, we come to Richard Pearson. His business card says he is involved in commercial real estate, gaming and finance. Maybe he's a lucky leprechaun.

The case continues to unfold.

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