Monday, November 16

SoFlo: Press Clips (5#) -

True Crime & Samizdat . . .

An Intriguing Swap: A crime reporter from London is exchanging crime beats with a crime reporter from Baltimore, home of the hit TV show The Wire, according to reporter Dominic Ponsford.

In Cuban Samizdat this weekend, The Miami Herald took a commendable step forward on Saturday and published a piece by Yoani Sanchez in the online supplement to their Op-Ed section, which is called Other Voices, but they have since put it behind a registration wall.

It was entitled: 'Help, these men want to kidnap us!'

Meanwhile, Yoani seems to have found a new home at the Puff Toast, which I do not usually read. It looks like The Miami Herald is going to lose all that traffic to the Puff Toast, which does not require registration. Why would they want to do that to themselves? Will I become a regular reader of the Puff Toast? Probably not. I have my personal likes and dislikes, preferences and antipathies.

In a recent blog entry, Shadow Beings, Yoani is now photographing the men who have been performing surveillance on her, turning the tables on them. There may not be much other work available for these men on the island; their only source for most jobs is their government.

Incidentally, according to a trace I did today, Yoani's blog is hosted from Berlin, Germany. That means: if her blog annoys Raul Castro, he can declare war against Germany. Let's see how far that gets him.

Speaking of The Miami Herald, they have recently revised their User Agreement Terms. You are strongly encouraged to look at their new document.

You may come to discover that Gary Pruitt now owns the entire contents of your blog in perpetuity(!) plus your first-born son. I found it overly obscure, overly prolix, and overly tricky.