Friday, December 4

Mez: An Odd
Vision Waiting (4#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

The ABC TV Network will feature this case as a segment
on their news magazine program 20/20 this evening.

You know what I think is odd? Linda Byron [cf previous entry] said there were 15 other University of Washington students studying in Perugia while Amanda Knox was there, but it seemed like Knox was the only one during this entire process. Didn't they have a group orientation session when they arrived in Perugia? Didn't they have any contact with one another at all? It just seems strange.

# Local SPI reaction - Seattle 911 Blog -
via Monica Guzman - 10:47am their time

# via Monica later at 1pm:

"A verdict is expected at 3 pm today,
according Andrea Vogt, who has been
covering the case for"

# Announcement:

The Court in Perugia has summoned
the defendants and lawyers to the courtroom
for a Midnight reading of the verdict. That's 6pm here.