Saturday, July 4

Mez: The Window Herring -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Defense fielded an argument that the rock was thrown from outside Filomena Romanelli's window into her room and contended that there was no staged break-in. But Prosecution brought out on cross that the shutters on that window would have blocked out such a missile.

From-Inside or From-Outside is not the most important thing about this room to me. Although initially we formed the impression that Meredith's room was the epicenter of the crime scene, it has since emerged that Filomena's room has some importance as well.

Let's take another look at Filomena's room where there are two important pieces of evidence: There is broken glass scattered around. And there is a bare foot print of Amanda Knox.

The juxtaposition of broken glass and bare feet seems to implicitly suggest this as the possible source of Amanda's blood or DNA which was mixed with that of the victim. This question has been repeatedly raised by those following the case: where did Amanda's biological residue come from? Being around broken glass almost inevitably results in getting cut by it. And walking around barefoot near broken glass would almost surely result in cuts to one's feet. That would solve one issue, but it raises another.

There seems to be a discrepancy between the evidence found at the scene of the crime and Amanda's latest narrative account. Amanda does not mention that she walked around barefoot in Filomena's room on the day the body as discovered.

Which should we believe - the hard evidence or Amanda's story? Why was Amanda's bare foot print found in Filomena's room? And why was her biological residue mixed with that of the victim?

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the summer hiatus for this case. It has turned out to be a rather complicated case. And I welcome a break from it. No, I don't believe it is a witch hunt. But it certainly is a Locked Room Mystery. I believe that many of us are hoping that we will get a comprehensive summation from both Prosecution and Defense in the Fall.

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Tuesday, June 30

Snatched! More
Bloggers Vanish (8#) -

Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for
an investigation into the death of Neda Agah-Soltani.

The crowd grabbed the gunman and took his identity
card. He was shouting, "I didn't want to kill her!"

# Over the weekend, demonstrations continued, but some electricity and phone lines were reportedly cut in parts of Tehran.

The Basij vigilantes have been conducting night raids and confiscating satellite dishes in order to cut off the Iranian public from the outside world.

# More Bloggers have been arrested:

:: Blogger Ali Mosleh of
The Mailman Rings Twice Blog;

:: and Blogger Vahid Online.

Fershteh reports that PersianKiwi has been
having problems connecting to the Internet.

Mohammad Mostafaei, Human Rights lawyer who
specializes in the defense of children has been arrested.

A list of many student names and others
who are believed to have been arrested.

# Night and Fog - The Guardian wants to
know: can you help to identify these people?

# The care and feeding
of flying elephants. Steal away...


Sunday, June 28

Mez: ELSEWHERE (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Theoretically, a PR company involved in a trial is supposed to be an extension of the advocacy of the defendant's lawyer, putting the accused's best foot forward. But that's just in theory. The application of Theory to Practice is another matter entirely. In her latest blog entry, Miss Represented examines how the PR campaign advocating for Amanda Knox has been coming along.

The way it strikes me, the PR strategy for this case was designed in expectation of Amanda's eventual exoneration, which would be used as a platform to launch some book and movie deals. Amanda's narrative chain with regard to the events leading up to "her discovery" of her murdered roommate seems suspiciously like a very fanciful movie script she's been trying to write.

# And from a different perspective: in Barbie Nadeau's latest piece, she focuses on Rudy Guede who "holds the key to what happened that night."

But if and when he finally reveals "the key," will we believe him? Should we believe him? I guess Rudy's secret is sort of a cliffhanger in this case.

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Mez: Lone Wacko Theory (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Defense presented its case this weekend.

The gist of it is: Defense is claiming that Rudy Guede acted alone. Guede denies wrongdoing and is appealing his conviction.

In order to accept Defense's theory, you'd have to set aside all the forensic evidence presented by Prosecution and all the contradictions in Amanda Knox's diverse versions of the story.

There are two reports by Ann Wise:

:: Friday :: -- and -- :: Saturday ::