Thursday, July 23

RIM SnoopGate &
Flying Elephants (3#) -

BlackBerry company denies
involvement in Gulf spyware "patch" scheme.

# Defensive Technology to Protect
Free Speech from Authoritarian Regimes
and Info on Tor projects from the EFF.

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Qaeda Cult: Patchogue Jihadist (3#) -

Bryant Neal Vinas, 26, was born Catholic in Queens and raised in Patchogue Long Island, but converted to Islam several years ago before moving to Pakistan where he joined the militant Qaeda cult. Vinas, a Latino-American, has become a treasure trove of information about the cult since his capture.

"Vinas' bizarre journey from an average suburban life in Suffolk County to that of a bearded mullah in the terrorist no-man's land of Waziristan in Pakistan has emerged..."

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Bookish: Brief Notes (4#) -

He Brought Magic to Room 205: A former Stuyvesant High School student of Frank McCourt writes a brief memoir about her teacher who recently passed on. [TDB]

# Early Preview of Upcoming
Fall Novels from Leon Neyfakh at the NYO.

# Empire of Illusion:
The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle
by Chris Hedges at NPR.

# Three Book Picks about
what was formerly known as Radio at NPR.


Wednesday, July 22

Mez: This Horse is Still Dead -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

This is a propaganda issue; it is not news . . .

In an article by Linda Byron, the claim that there is a "parallel" between a series of Lovers Lane Killings in Tuscany some years ago and the more recent Locked Room Mystery involving the depraved homicide of Meredith Kercher, a young woman in Perugia, is utterly vacuous. There is no similarity between these two matters whatsoever - except in the overwrought imagination of one Doug Preston.

Linda Byron is beating
a dead horse, and it's getting tedious.

This is just more lame promotion of Preston's book aimed at impressionable young people who don't know anything about the Perugia case.

Give it a rest already!

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Monday, July 20

Mez: Loose Ends - (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

in search of closure and lost dispatches . . .

At the end of Barbie Nadeau's latest report on the case at TDB, she warns that closure may never come for those expecting illumination in a neat little package - like on a one-hour Crime TV show.

Indeed, the key difference between fictional mystery novels and real life crime is that Miss Marple is not going to bring us all together in the library and explain everything to us. Just a little reminder :-)

But, I believe, some writer may attempt to provide a fictional solution to this mystery by writing a novel inspired by it. Or, after a long period of time, someone may eventually confess to something. Meanwhile, this Locked Room Mystery may remain locked for quite a while more.

This morning on the NBC TV Today Show, there was a brief segment on the case by, I believe, Keith Miller. Unfortunately, they seem to have pissed it away; I cannot find a link to it anywhere on their website. It was a bit startling for its high journalistic quality. I wonder why NBC has expunged it. I guess its disappearance is just another mystery in this case.

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Sunday, July 19

Mez: It's a Wrap! - (2#) -

Meredith Kercher Murder Case -

Amanda Knox said ciao for the summer break
as the case goes on a welcome hiatus until September.

On Friday, a relative of Amanda's testified, but I don't think any major revelations emerged from her testimony. On Saturday, an expert testified that marijuana does not make people aggressive.

Alas, although I have tried to follow the court proceedings, I do not think I have gained any insights into the crime scenario of how events might have unfolded to culminate into this apparently frenzied homicide.

As to the motive of the crime . . .

I don't buy the "drug-fueled sex game."

I think that was chosen mostly for pragmatic
purposes merely as a workable hypothesis.

Before the proceedings, I suspected that racism played a part in the motive or was the principal factor in the motive. After following the proceedings thus far, I have come to believe this was essentially correct. The motive for this homicide, in my view, was Racial or Ethnic Cleansing.

Amanda Knox - guilty or not guilty?

At this point in time, I am inclined
to believe that she was somehow involved.

Keep in mind that we haven't even heard the summations yet; we may come to see things differently after the summations.

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