Friday, July 16

Birdnapped By
Evil Crackpot (3#) -

Jack, a 30-year-old blue and yellow Macaw parrot . . .

was brutally abducted on Wednesday from his home in Hialeah FL. The bird, who knows who he is and can identify himself, screamed desperately for help as he was being dragged away while blindfolded with a towel.

His custodian and human companion, Charlene Bradley, is inconsolable and is terribly concerned about the bird's well being.

Contrary to popular belief, parrots do not simply repeat what people say; they are capable of independent comment. And you can't "sell" a mature stolen parrot because a parrot can testify in court.

Also note: "A macaw's facial
feather pattern is as unique as a fingerprint."

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