Thursday, July 15

Eyeless in Rye (4#) -

The Ben Novack Jr Case has taken
a turn toward the gruesome, if not the macabre . . .

Latest reports disclose that in addition to Novack Jr being beaten to death, one of his assailants gouged the Fontainebleau scion's eyes out with a utility knife on Narcy Novack's orders.

Narcy, according to previous reports, had complained to police that her husband liked to look at erotic photos of women with artificial limbs.

This may have been the reason she allegedly wanted to mutilate his eyes, but this odd interest seems to fit in with the rest of his interests in comic books and super heroes, because there was a super hero who had artificial limbs called The Bionic Woman:

"Jaime Sommers is given two bionic legs, capable of propelling her at speeds exceeding 60 mph, and her right arm is replaced by a lifelike prosthetic capable of bending steel or throwing objects great distances."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Elliott Jacobson has indicated that Novack's widow will be implicated in her mother-in-law's death, too.

At Wednesday's hearing, Narcy was denied bond before her expected arraignment in New York, and it emerged that the Feds have already filed a forfeiture action to block Narcy access to her husband's estate, including his real estate holdings, automobile collection, Batman memorabilia, and a $1 million dollar insurance policy.

Julie Brown at the Miami Herald is reporting: "Court records show Novack filed for divorce on June 26, just weeks before his death."

Maybe he finally found
his very own Bionic Woman before he died.