Sunday, October 31

Bookish: Witches,
Weddings & Socialites (6#) -

Felicitations are in order to writer,
reporter, and author Edna Buchanan . . .

who got married May 9th and is about to celebrate her six-month wedding anniversary, according to a squib on today's People Page in The Miami Herald. May you enjoy many more!

"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple
With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me."

:: Warning poem by Jenny Joseph ::

# Remembering the late Southern writer
Barry Hannah by Eugenia Williamson.
Hannah's Long, Last, Happy will
debut soon from Grove Atlantic. [phoenix]

# David Barnett introduces us to a quaint English witch dreamt up by writer Paul Magrs for the debut of the fifth Brenda and Effie novel, The Bride that Time Forgot.

# Amynah Farooqui, from a dysfunctional family background, cleverly transforms her party activities as a social butterfly into a lively Karachi newspaper column in Maha Khan Phillips’ Penguin novel Beautiful from This Angle reviewed by Sumana Mukherjee.

# For Halloween, Helen Brown asks several authors which
stories scared them most when they were youngsters.