Wednesday, November 3

Mez: 3 Years Memorial -

We have just passed the third anniversary
of the macabre slaying of Meredith Kercher . . .

Kercher, a brainy and exotic-looking Erasmus scholar of mixed race, was slaughtered like a sheep just after Halloween in Perugia. She was deeply stabbed in the throat and left to bleed out. The forensic evidence revealed clear signs of torture.

Her flatmate has been convicted of the slaying under a stripped down writ of indictment which reduced the charges to the equivalent of manslaughter.

The flatmate claimed cannabis psychosis resulting in amnesia. "Shit happens," she explained.

In the United States such a crime would incur additional Federal Civil Rights charges for the torture killing of a racial minority. Instead, a bizarre campaign has been waged to beatify the convicted killer.

The folks in Perugia have not been happy about this trend either. To mark the anniversary of Kercher' death this year, officials there have announced a memorial scholarship in Meredith Kercher's name.

''Perugia wants a tangible sign of her stay here to remain with us," Mayor Wladimiro Boccali said Tuesday.

The city's University for Foreigners said the scholarship would honor the life of Meredith Kercher.

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