Friday, December 31

Swanning Into Next Year -

But wait. Not so fast. Time for a sour note . . .

Our local Klepto-Blogger Rick, who banned and delinked me some time ago without any explanation, is a very angry man; however, the focus of his free-floating anger is often not very clear. Today, he sneered:

"After making overtures to the South Florida blogging community in 2009, the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel go back to business pretty much as usual."

This is factually untrue.

When BlogNetNews went toes up last summer, the Miami Herald "adopted" the South Florida Region aggregation group from BNN and, we presume, their organization now pays for the server costs to keep it going, which BNN could no longer afford.

Online, there is a prominent link at the bottom of their front page screen near their Columnists Section to this group of blogs which they now host at their expense. That link is on my sidebar in the local section.

Moreover, on Mondays, the Herald publishes
an excerpt from these blogs in their printed edition.

You're entitled to your own opinions,
as they say, but not your own facts.

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