Sunday, January 2

Bookish: Even The Details (3#) -

Guardian writer Stuart Evers really started an intense debate about which actor does the best portrayal of Swedish detective Wallander. If you are here in the US, you may believe there are two actors to chose from, but if you are in the UK, you now know there are actually three. The comment thread rocks with even nit-picky details such as Volvos vs Saabs.

I'm partial to Krister Henriksson and his
supporting cast; I don't mind the subtitles.

I haven't seen the Rolf Lassgard portrayal. I do watch the BBC Branagh version - the landscape photography and production values are quite good. But Henriksson seems more mellow and believable to me.

For tonight's International Mysteries at Midnight they have previewed one of the Bruno Cremer as Maigret series. We haven't had a Tatort in a while. We're still getting some Montalbanos. I also liked the few Varg Veum episodes we got.

Which Wallander do you prefer?


# George Prochnik has an interesting
essay about a group of often overlooked
Austrian writers worth visiting at TDB.