Wednesday, January 5

Forbidden Fun (2#) -

Two Iranian expats, Kambiz Hosseini and Saman Arbabi, have a TV show on VOA satirizing the News Media of Iran, much to the dismay of the current government regime there.

Dressed in outlandishly rakish skateboarder grunge like a knit watchcap, fingerless gloves, Sex Pistols T-shirts, nose rings, and punkly painted fingernails, the pair deliver their weekly Parazit Edition to thousands of their delighted fans in Iran who surreptitiously download it in ingenious ways.

Tara Bahrampour reports at the WaPo.

# Saroop Ijaz, a lawyer and human rights
activist based in Lahore, explains the role
of the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan's current
turmoil and future prospects at the LAT.