Wednesday, January 5

Local Noises (5#) -

The Whole Enchilada: Rick Hirsch, formerly in charge of the Broward County Edition, has been appointed Managing Editor of the entire Miami Herald. He is described as progressive with regard to New Media and Internet Initiatives. Congratulations, Rick!

# All hell broke loose in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (yesterday) when a police chase erupted through the Lakes District in southeastern Broward County. Officers, responding to a call about a loud domestic disturbance waking up the neighborhood, discovered a fleeing suspect wanted for Attempted Murder. Dominic H Rosato, 27, was taken into custody.

# He Coulda Been A Contender: Miami-Dade County has illegally refused to allow Fort Lauderdale stevedores permits to work in their port, according to a Federal judge.

# Reckless Eyeballing Murder: The suspect claimed that "the victim had recently looked at him in an inappropriate manner of which (the suspect) felt was loaded with homosexual connotations, thus causing him to kill the victim."

# Human Trafficking: Fort Lauderdale jury hears very disturbing testimony of former child sex slave who was abducted in Asia and brought to live in Florida.