Monday, April 25

Bookish: Autopsies Pending (6#) -

Medical Examiner Jonathan Hayes
lived in Miami in the late 1980s and . . .

recreates the South Florida environment in his new mystery novel A Hard Death, featuring protagonist Dr Edward Jenner who uncovers a cluster of drug corruption in a resort enclave; reviewed by Justine Elias at The Boston Phoenix.

# Tom Nolan reviews the new Frank Tallis
mystery novel Vienna Twilight at the WSJ.

# Christian House reviews the new Fred Vargas
mystery An Uncertain Place at the Indy, where
he calls it "a great remedy to a grey day."

# A pair of ex-lovers collaborate
on a mystery novel about squabbling pot growers in
the shadow of Mount Shasta for Heads You Lose.

"She keeps killing off characters and
he keeps trying to bring them back."

Regan McMahon provides the review at SF Gate.

# Intrepid tomb raider Adèle Blanc-Sec and
her adventures set in Paris around 1911, which
have been adapted from a comic strip.