Wednesday, April 20

Mez: Seattle Rumblings (3#) -

AMW's John Walsh has been in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood this week, filming for a segment on the unsolved murder of Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Wales.

The segment is scheduled to air on
April 23rd, this coming weekend.

Wales was an anti-gun activist in his spare time who
was shot to death in his own home by unknown agency.

:: There is a substantial reward
for information leading to an arrest!

# According to the CPJ, local authorities in Perugia have been harassing journalists and bloggers who "criticize" the official investigation of the murder of Meredith Kercher.


There seems to be a difference in perception here.

I formed the impression that some of these folks had made personal attacks on Officers of the Court. There's a significant difference between disagreeing with a ruling and calling the judge a lunatic, which is considered a serious breach of decorum.

I am not normally unsympathetic to the plight of oppressed bloggers, but I currently have no feasible way of ascertaining the merit of the complaint or if this is just another promotional publicity campaign in support of the self-professed Nazi, Amanda Knox.

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