Monday, April 18

Portmanteau (4#) -

Tabloids: "You can't handle the truth!"

Last night Paul Bannister was interviewed by George Knapp on C2C, which resulted in a very entertaining and informative show about the heyday of Tabloid Print Journalism.

Bannister, who has written a book about his experiences in the genre, was the National Enquirer's psychic specialist for a while.

I regard Tabloid as a legitimate genre of Journalism. There is an art and a craft to doing it well.

There have been occasions when a Tabloid has published something that the Mainstream Press won't disclose. How much of that stuff is being leaked by the CIA or other Alphabet Agencies is anyone's guess ;-)

Lately, some folks out of Seattle have been very noisily disparaging the Tabloids, but their inclusion of The (UK) Mail is wide of the mark. Whether you like it or not, The Mail is not a true Tabloid; it is a Compact. The publication carries its own unique proprietary mix of ingredients, which has been very successful.

# Just when you thought maybe True Crime was going into a lull, two suspected serial killers have popped up on the national radar screen. One is on the West Coast and the other is on the East Coast.

I have been looking for a good, comprehensive story about Joseph Naso, but the information has been too scattered so far. If I find one, I'll try to post a link to it. The other suspect's identity is unknown, as are his current whereabouts. About ten bodies have been uncovered on Long Island.

# Remember The Gal In The Suitcase story?

I linked to it via the guys at the Gangrey Blog
just before it appeared in print. [see sidebar links]

Did you happen to catch it on the 20/20 TV Show a couple of weeks ago? That videotape loop of the guy rolling out the suitcase was creepy. The Private Eye who cracked that case looked like he's really enjoying the ensuing publicity, which must be increasing his business.

Ken Brennan is becoming a legend in his own time :-)