Friday, May 6

Eponymous Elements (3#) -

If England is associated with dotty aristocrats for their quota of eccentrics, the U.S. has long enjoyed larger-than-life eccentric entertainment figures.

Nikki Finke is not well known to the general public chiefly because she doesn't choose to be. She's mainly a columnist about the Entertainment Industry for members of that trade.

This article by Gabriel Snyder tells us about a fictional version of her that was supposed to become a Cable TV series called Tilda.

# In the case of a 19-year-old accused of shooting
his roommate and mutilating his body with a hatchet:

He told the 911 dispatcher he took a cough
medicine that contains dextromethorphan. The drug
can cause hallucinations and psychotic episodes.

# That put a twitch in his foot . . .

A meandering Noir-ish encounter
with Mullholland Books at the
Mysterious Bookshop by Dan Duray.