Friday, May 6

Mez: The Big Schmeer -

No one has ever denied that there is a lot of money being made in the illegal drug trafficking business or that young people are the primary target of that business. Perugia is a prime target market in that shadow economy if only because of the many young college students gathered there.

What is at stake in the Meredith Homicide Case, underneath it all, is the lucrative profit margin of the Mafia from that business.

While the mules and fast boats transporting the merchandise into the city may be North African, the outfit that controls the territory is the Mafia.

In some Italian neighborhoods not a bug can walk down the street without the Mafia knowing about it. They have people watching who report back to them. And if a bug walks down the street they don't like, they squash it.

Who reports to the Mafia? They may be senior citizens sitting outside to catch some sun or nondescript people you wouldn't even notice.

And if the Mafia doesn't want you there, they beat the bleep out of you, throw you out, and tell you not to come back again or they'll kill you the next time you show up. They may tell you straight up that you are not welcome there or they may tell you the rules they require you to follow in order to avoid getting into trouble with them.

The Mafia are businessmen and thugs. They are not goofy goodfellas. They protect their business interests. The Mafia may feel this case has put a dent into their profit margin from the illicit drug trade in that city.

Perhaps, the regime currently in power there, including the law enforcement and legal system officials, have been a bit too effective at reducing the drug trade and the Mafia's profit margin from it, because it appears they have targeted Giuliano Mignini and/or some of the police and court personnel for elimination. In the past, they have been known to assassinate judges in Italy they don't like.

There has been a conspicuous push in this case to undermine and discredit these officials which smacks of the machinations of these gangsters.

This Sunday evening CNN will present
a one-hour documentary on this case.

They have just posted an article to promote it.